Tuesday, June 26, 2007

♥ Catching up to Cousin Will ♥

Miss Sophia was born 12-30-05 and Cousin Will was born 6-5-06

Will had always been twice Sophia's size, but just taking pictures of them today, I realized she is catching up to him.


Natalie C. said...

the pictures of sophia are sooo cute..i just love her outfit


What a precious little girl you have! How do you keep the kerchef on her head? Elena would have it ripped off in 30 seconds.

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Love the HollyWood Pictures and the cute little DU RAG....she is growing up...and catching up with her cousin...Hugs

Home sweet home said...

They both look adorable !! I love Wills big eyes !! Does Sophie actually keep the do- rag on ??