Monday, April 21, 2008


I have been Tagged by Brayden & Arianna's Mommy~Katie
i am : Tired
i think: About Sophia's foster parents in Guatemala every day
i know: I will visit them some day
i want: to lose 25 lbs by summer
i have : A wonderful family
i wish: Gas prices were lower
i hate: ignorance
i miss: Guatemala
i fear: losing someone i love
i feel: content
I hear : The microwave beeping
i smell: dinner
i crave: Chocolate
i search: For good deals
i wonder: What my kids will be when they grow up
i regret: is too short
i love: My Children
i ache:For Sleep right now=)
i care: too much sometimes
i always : go to target
i am not: a perfectionist
i believe: in love at first sight
i dance: when no one is watching
i sing: all the time
i cry: When my feelings are hurt
i don’t always: speak my mind
i fight: when i am backed in to a corner
i write: when I have free time
i win: for having the best kids
i lose: playing cards
i never: smoke
i confuse:people's names
i listen: to all kinds of music
i can usually be found: at home or
i am scared: of snakes
i need: quiet time
i am happy about: My life
i think : i have made great forever friends via adoption
Now I am tagging...


Samantha said...

Neat post. I'm with you on confusing names!

Bobbi said...

I truly feel that I have made many friends through adoption and blogging. Ihave talked to several blogging/adoption mommies with more ease than my best friend. Why is that?? I guess our hearts are all just so in sync?

Kelly said...

this is a great post! I am sooo bad about names too! I forget people I've known all my life

Heidi said...

I will try to get around to my tag one of these days! I loved reading about you...I love Target too, it's the best.

Debbie said...

I love reading the information about you! It is great to get to know more about people that way.