Monday, May 26, 2008

Trampoline, Softball, New Shoes, Frappacino and More Softball oh My!

Friday Night Kate's Friend came over and we put up the trampoline, Sophia is a bit hesitant, and will not jump herself but loves to be on there with Kate or Frankie holding her..

Saturday morning we had to be at the ball fields at 830am for a Early bird tournament. It was a bit early for all of us, but we all enjoyed it.
Here is my Super star Batting
She hit it right past first base. We won 2 out of 3 games
As adorable as she looked, she wasn't happy about wearing sandals as you can tell by the look on her face.
No Smiles if you are going to make me wear these shoes, Mom!
Thinking if she told Kate she would get some sympathy
My Favorite picture from this weekend, look at their hands intertwined
A Smile from my big girl, my little girl still refusing
Sunday morning we had to be there at 830am again, Aunt Lo Lo came around 930am with Starbucks, Chai Tea Frappacino, and can you guess who took it over?
We played 2 games on Sunday, Won 1 and Lost 1. Kate pitched all day Sunday and done fantastic. We are so proud of her!!
Hitting again!
Sliding in to 3rd!
Kate's games don't start until June 5th. This was a early bird tournament and although we didn't win, it was great practice for our team and Katelyn done terrific and we couldn't have been any prouder of her. And Daddy was off this weekend, so he got to see her play. With him working afternoons and mandatory Saturdays, he misses alot, but was beyond thrilled to cheer on his girl!


Bobbi said...

Poor Sophia. I think the sandals are adorable.

Love the one of her with Starbucks. She has good taste.

Madelyn's Mommy said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun filled weekend. 8:30 on a Sat is early for us too.

Love the outfit and the sandals.


Kathy said...

Sounds like a busy and early day!! I love the picture of the girls together. It really looks like Sophia is telling Katelyn about those sandals...which are very cute!!

Kelly said...

Lisa I think those shoes are SOOO cute! :) It seems like the more I like my kids' clothes/shoes, the less THEY do. ;) It starts young huh? :) WTG Kate!!!! That looks like such a pretty swing she has! :)

Abby's mom - Pam :) said...

WTG Kate. Looks like a full-filled weekend only wish I could have been there to cheer Kate on. Loved Sophia in pigtails. That picture of Kate and Sophia was very precious. Glad you had a good weekend with Frank at home. Now I am going to email you back.


Heidi said...

Those pigtails are adorable! Looks like your weekend was a blast!

Kelly said...

The creator of Gymboree and Crazy 8 are PURE EVIL GENIUS' LOL I love the pic of your girls holding hands...beeeeeeeuuuuuuuttttttt-full

Carla said...

Too bad, those green sandals are adorable. You are right about that one pic with the girls hands, it's beautiful. I like the one right after too.

Janet said...

Love the pics of your girls together!

Steve & Amy said...

Those sandals are too cute! I don't understand the fuss over them:) I love the sympathy pictures...they are adorable! I think you found a new age demographic group that Starbucks hasn't conquered yet:)They can start making those drinks in foil pouched like Caprisun. I'd buy it!

RLK913 said...

Your kids are precious!


Jillicious said...

Oh, your life mirrors mine! I wonder how close you are in OH you are to me!!!! I am near Pittsburgh...

Your kids are gorgeous. My son will be 15 months, and daughter is 13... she plays softball, too!

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