Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Zoo Overload

We took our first trip to the Cleveland Zoo with Sophia. She loves some of it, but other parts she wasn't liking at all. The big animals scared her to death and she wanted nothing to do with them.
This is totally what I wanted to do after the zoo
And I really wanted to hide away from the world

Sophia LOVED the turtles
And we watched this baby for about 30 minutes playing
Sophia was scared to pet the minature pony but loved this snake
Taking a rest
Sophia was too busy looking at everything around her
She was so excited to show Daddy and Frankie what she seen down there
She kept yelling Mommy Look! She was pointing at Seals
This was the Touch exhibit, of course she didn't want to touch the stingrays or sharks, and just wanted to be held.
My Favorite photo of the week
Yep, she is kissing the turtle
Group Shot
She wasn't too sure about the Goats either


Bobbi said...

Ok, too many favorites here!! I kept saying, love that one, love that one.....so they're all cute. But, the turtle kiss is pretty good.

Steph, Rod & Parkersito said...

I can't believe she kissed the turtle!!! Too cute! Looks like a great day at the zoo with your lovely family!

Madelyn's Mommy said...

Scared of the pony but loved the snake??????? :)

She will probably change her mind on that one some day.

Cute pics.


Alleen said...

Go figure, she'll kiss turtles and touch snakes but not ponies.... If we could only get into their little minds!!

Ferrick said...

What a fun group. All in a days work. Not sure what to say about the snake...I am already running and I didn't even see it. Susie

Farrah said...

We are going to the zoo on Sept.6 with Jed's company pinic...I can't wait to take Madisyn there!

And I love the group shot but it was missing one person....YOU

Christine said...

What agreat outing! Your family is so neat!

Samantha said...

That looks like an awesome zoo. Love the pic of her kissing the turtle.

Debbie said...

What cute pictures, I saw these the other day and thought I had left a comment on how cute they were. I feel like the monkey with her head covered a lot of days!!


Graycesmomma said...

Those are great pictures! Your family is beautiful!

Ruthanne said...

Look how cute she is kissing the turtle!! What a sweet picture. You're going to have to check out the book, "Owen and Mzee". Here's the website:

Love the picture of the kids walking away together. So sweet.

Kelly said...

Lisa I love the pictures and what a FUN day!!!! :)