Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Charlie & Lola

Sophia loves to watch Charlie & Lola
She turned to smile at me

I have totally been a blogger slacker. We have had so much going on. Soon it will slow down and I will get back in to the swing of things.
Sophia has her cast off and her arm is doing good. She goes back to the Ortho in November to just have it checked to make sure she has her range of motion back.
She is getting so big and just amazes us everyday.


Donna said...

Wow - no cast! And SO stinkin' cute! We're are most certainly sending a pre-arranged marriage proposal in the mail to Miss Sophia! ;-) (I just need your address...)

I thought the summer was crazy time with kids and blogging, but I too feel like a major blogger slacker!

And thanks for the SBP hook-up - we're havin SO much fun!

Amy said...

SO cute!!! We love Charlie and Lola too ... and by we I mean my mom and I LOL

Kelly said...

She is so so sweet!!! I like Charlie and Lola too....Sky likes them sometimes :) I am a blogger sl;acker too but I will post form MB I promise. I am so pissed you won't be there.

Heidi said...

Charlie and Lola is the cutest show ever! I bet she is so glad to have that cast off.

Bobbi said...

I was noticing how big she looked. That smile of hers is just so cute.

I am with you on the craziness.

Farrah said...

Good for her NO cast...

She is as cute as ever!!

Rhonda said...

Yea, no cast! She is soooo darn cute and I just crack up with that fun beautiful smile of hers.

Hannah said...

That smile! Wow. She just gets prettier and prettier each and every day!

Hope it slows down soon, I miss my Sophia #1 fix!

Hannah and Sophia #2

Amy said...

Congrats on the cast off...that must make life just a bit easier.

She is just too cute and growing up into a beautiful little lady.

Great pictures.

Carrie said...

Congrats on getting her cast off. What a happy girl. I love that Charlie and Lola outfit.

Why do they have to get so close to the TV? Luckily ours is up on the wall, but whenever we go somewhere else she is watching like Sophie.