Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Baby Girl is a Bully

Sophia is 19 months old and her cousin Will is 14 months old. Will is twice her size in weight, but she is catching up to him in height. Lately she has been whomping on him. I feel terrible! They are very close and love each other so much and are always kissing and hugging, but lately Miss Sophia has been so mean to him. Advice?



Kristen and the Gang said... least we can say that she can take care of herself and that no one is going to pick on our girlfriend in school! Poor sounds like he is alittle tired...maybe he needs a little nap? Then he will have the energy to fight back...hehehe!
As far as advice.....your doing all you can do!! This too shall pass!!!

Home sweet home said...

CUTE !! I love her "guilty but innocent 'cause she is a princess" look . You know I have no advice because I am in the same boat :)

Natalie C. said...

how she in daycare yet or like a mothers day out program

Kelly said...

But mooom, she made up for it in the end with the kiss!!! :) She has to defend herself....he was looking pretty ferocious for a minute. hee hee