Monday, August 27, 2007

Putt Putt

Katelyn has decided she is going to teach Sophia to Putt Putt

Do I have to carry this thing around?

Mom, Where did my ball go?

Ok, I give up on Putt Putt, I am going to pick flowers.

Here Mommy wanna smell?


Kelly said...

Oh my goodness she is a little DOLL in her little polo dress playing mini golf!!!! :) I see another Michelle Wie in the making! :)

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Oh I see we have another Golf Girl...too cute! I love you header too...Hugss

Natalie C. said...

looks like the dress

Home sweet home said...

How Fun -- love the last picture!!

Crystal said...

How cute is this child of yours?---I am drolling over her curls!!!!!! oooh sweetie she is just a dollbaby!!!! I just love your family!!! :O)