Saturday, January 31, 2009

Build A Bear Obsession

Sophia loves her Build a Bears...her newest obsession is dressing them. So, being the shopper that I am. I only buy them on sale. So, today strolling through the mall, we stopped in and Kate made a Koala bear with a coupon I had and Sophia got 2 outfits that were $6.00 each for the full outfits. She loved dressing them and here she is after her nap with her "friends"

We had to have Dirty Bun Bun in one picture...she insisted..
She still has one bunny that needs pants to go with the shirt she already has and one bear that needs a outfit. So, I will be on the look out for more sales.

It's funny to me how much alike but so different my girls are. Kate's thing was Barbies and Babies, Sophia's is Babies and Build a Bears...On sale of course=)


Hannah said...

So cute! Love her little face peeking out from all the animals!

I do wonder where she learned to be such a shopper??

Watson Family said...

I just love Build A Bear. We are actually heading there this week to make some birthday presents with our coupon. Miss you guys. Let's get together soon. I was thinking maybe we could take the kids swimming at the rec center and maybe lunch. Let me know.

Bobbi said...

She looks so cute. Krista loves to make them, then throw them in the closet!! That's a lot of money to do nothing with them!!

Great bargain shopping

Rhonda said...

Ohhhh that is so cute. I think they are so adorable. I'll keep my eye out for coupons! Our girls are into the "Barbie" scene!

Robyn said...

What adorable pics!! Gabriella is a huge Build-a-Bear fan, too!! :)