Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sophia has been tagged..

Sophia was tagged by Kelly and Sky..

1. Sophia loves loves loves Build a Bear.

2. Sophia is a creature of habit and routine.

3. Sophia loves her bun bun, so much that mommy bought one off ebay to replace it with.

4. Every time we go to Target we have to get a pretzel and coke icee.

5. Sophia loves chocolate chip pop tarts.

6. Sophia loves her cats Lucy and Lulu.

7. Sophia's smiles light up a gloomy day.

8. Sophia will tell me every night when she is ready to go to bed.

9. Sophia's best friend is Haydin.

10. Sophia loves loves love shoes!!

Sophia is tagging..

Bobbi and Reese
Parker and Steph
Tina, Toby and Layna


Robyn said...

I love reading these tags!!

Bobbi said...

This tag looks fun!! I'll do it soon

Carrie said...

Sophia is precious! Fun to know more about her. Savannah is afraid of Build a Bear. Isn't that strange? Saves me money though. Definitely big, bright smile. She brigtens my day if I am feeling down I go to your blog to see her smile. Savannah also tells me when she wants to go to bed or take a nap. Sometimes it is 1 a.m.--LOL