Monday, July 23, 2007

♥Every Little Girl Needs Pink Cowboy Boots♥

OH Momma, I love my new boots
You just stick your foot in right?
Lookie I figured it out..they go on your feet
Let me check these out...
I like them Momma! I like them!
Deal of the day, While at Target getting school supplies for big sister and big brother. Momma and I found these pink cowboy boots for $3.48!


Carrie said...

Hi Lisa,

Don't mind at all that you found my blog and now I can follow your beautiful and precious Sophia and family too. I know we have mutual blogging buddies and we love to meet new friends!

Love the boots and Target too!

Kristen and the Gang said...

Look at that little DIVA!!! She will be the cooliest baby girl in all of Ohio!!!

Carolyn said...

Love the boots! We have the same Target ones too! Olivia's so short they actually hit her at the knee...Your family is beautiful!

Natalie said...

Great boots! I'd love to get the same boots for Bella, but I know her chubby little feet couldn't fit into them! ;) Thanks for visiting my blog. Your family is just beautiful!!!

Carrie said...


To answer your questions--

Yes, Savannah LOVES her kitchen. She got it for her first birthday. It is one of her favorites and she plays independently with it too.

And, she wears 12 month size and at 15 months was 23 lbs. 7 oz. and 30 inches. People think she is a peanut, since most of her friends are in 2T and over 25 pounds. I love having a "little" girl.


Now that is a girl after my own heart! Can't wait until little Elena fits into her own pair (so jealous that our kids get them in colors -- I had to stick with plain brown growing up, but I still thought I was oh, so cool).