Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gotta love Mr. Potato Head, Pop Corn and Rootie Carrot

In Target the other day, I found a Mr. Potato set with Rootie Carrot and Pop Corn for $4.98 so I picked it up for Sophia and she plays with it all the time...She will sit for hours Ü


Home sweet home said...

Cute !! She is so into it !! Love her headband !!!

Kristen and the Gang said...

How cute is she!!! I can't believe how long her hair is! It seems like Sophie is very easy to entertain...she seems to like everything! What an easy going littlegirl.

Carrie said...

Love toys that they will play with for hours. I have a Mr. Potato Head but I have not given it to Savannah yet with the small pieces. I will try it soon.

Yes, Savannah has a dollhouse--the Little People one that makes sounds and then I have my wooden dollhouse for her when she gets older.

Sophia is just such a cutie pie and I love her concentration!

Brandon and Mandie said...

It seems like they always love the toys you don't expect. She is so cute, and I really love her hair!!! Keep the pictures coming!!!