Friday, July 27, 2007

Sophia and Zoe....

Baby zoe after Her Bath
She is actually Frankie's cat, since Katelyn has Isabella, He wanted Zoe and he picked out her name all by himeself. He is so smitten with her.
This is Sophia's waiting not so patiently to hold Zoe Look
Awww, mom where did they take her?

Ok, my first attempt at posting a video...take it easy on me..I am a beginner.

This is Sophia and Zoe the first time Sophia held her and she was in a daze. She has a cold and was grumpy grumpy grumpy.


Kelly said...

GOOD JOB!!!! The video was GREAT!!!! Sophia is a dollbaby (ALL your kids are beautiful) and she and Zoe look so cute together!

Kristen and the Gang said...

How cute is Sophia with that kitty!!! Looks like she just wants to hug the stuffin out of her...hehehe!