Thursday, October 18, 2007

Getting this girl to stop and smile is like pulling teeth!

I don't know if any one else's child is very head strong and determined?
Sophia has a one track mind and if she is focused on something, forget it. You get no smiles. Can barely get her to look your way when trying to get a picture.
She was excited to be outside yesterday and focusing on the "wishies"


Katie said...

That is my Arianna --- it is HARD to get her to look these days !! Love Sophias determined /concentrating look !!

MiaJ said...

Those curls are adorable!

Kathy said...

Sophia is adorable even if she doesn't have time to pose for you!

Kelly said...

she's so pretty...who needs posing???

(I understand though...I am already dreading holiday photos!)

Alicia said...

lol, yes I know something about hard headed, strong willed kids!! Those are great pics though - I think sometimes they're even better when they aren't looking at you!