Tuesday, October 16, 2007

♥Visit from New Friends♥

The Adoption process and journey has brought us many new friends, and today we got to meet Miss Eliza and her Mommy and Brother.
Miss Eliza was adopted from Ethopia and the sweetiest darn thing!
I am sure she was thinking, who is the crazy lady with the camera in my face?
Sharing toys..
Sophia giving Eliza a kiss
There is a little smile....And of course Will trying to get in on the action =)
Thank you to Eliza and her big brother Benjamin and Mommy Alicia for coming and spending a few hours with us today. We can't wait to do it again =)


Alicia said...

Our girls are too cute! :) Maybe Sophia will inspire Eliza to start walking to keep up with the big kid fun! We had fun and are looking forward to our next get together!

Katie said...

Now that looks like fun ---- beautiful kids !! You know I am jealous because of all the people you meet !!!! :)

Kristen and the Gang said...

Eliza is adorable and it looks like the girls are going to be great friends! And the mommies too...woo hoo!

MiaJ said...

They are so cute!! I wish there were more adopted kids around here to do playdates with-you are really blessed.