Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lots of Pictures...Playing catch up =)

We went away this weekend and stopped on the way home for pumpkins! Look at that belly hanging over her skirt =)

It's too heavy Mommy
Friday at the cabin, she was so excited

Saturday afternoon playing at the cabin

Katie and the Nyblom family bought Sophia this Dr. Kit when we were in Atlanta and she LOVES it.
Taking her temperature

Running through the house playing with Daddy

1st Caramel Apple on she loved it.

I have been slacking on posting new pics. So, this post is a modge pod of the whole week=)


Kristen and the Gang said... looks like you all had a very fun week. We missed you here in cyber world!! I hope Frank is doing better now and you are all feeling better! I love the little leopard cute! I think we may have an RN/MD in the making..WTG Katie...great gift! YUMMY, candy apples!!!! I love them too! I can't wait for a few more leaves to fall here and get the kids outside for some fall pics! Glad to have you home!

Sarah said...

LOVE the fall pictures of all your kiddos!

Sarah and Sophie~Bug

N & D said...

Sophie is just beautiful!
I love the belly hanging over her skirt!

Katie said...

What a cutie with the pumpkins !! Glad she liked the DR kit !!!

Kathy said...

Great pics! All your children are beautiful! Love the tummy pic.

Kelly said...

mmmmmm...caramel apples!!!! LOVE the big big smile pictures. Looks like you all are just having SO much fun!

MiaJ said...

I love the pic of her belly hanging over! That is the only time in life you can pull off that look and still look cute! =)

Alicia said...

Too cute!! I love the carmel apple ones! Benjamin's on my lap looking with me saying, "Hey, that's like the dr. stuff WE have!!" lol

Natalie C. said...

all your kids are just so cute!

Ruthanne said...

oh my gosh!! She is TOO cute!!!!