Friday, March 21, 2008

♥FFF♥ Easter♥

This was last year and Sophia's 1st Easter Home. She was so excited but yet didn't know what was going on.
When I look back at these pictures, I feel so much happiness but yet so sad. She was so little.
Why can't we freeze time and keep them small a bit longer just to savor it? If you figure out how to do that? Please let me know.
Sophia all dressed up and ready to go. Look how tiny. Not much to them ponies is there? Now we got curls galore!
Happy Easter to you all from us all!
Un deseo de Pascua Feliz muy Especial a nuestra familia ampliada en Guatemala. ¡Iris y Marcial, amamos a ustedes ambos y le deseamos una Pascua muy bendita!
Con Amor
Frank, Lisa, Katelyn, Frankie y Princesa Sophia


Sarah said...

What beautiful children! I hope you have a very blessed Easter!! Take loads of pictures as you know that next year we will be shaking our heads even more at how big our kiddos have gotten!

Kathy said...

Great pics!! I love the one of all the children. Happy Easter!!

Heidi said...

I know exactly what you are saying. They aren't little long enough! Plus we only had a little bit of their baby years. She looks adorable!

Kelly said...

HAPPY EASTER WESIE FAMILY!!!!!! I love the pictures! :) Your family is gorgeous as always!

N & D said...

love the last picture with the hands out to you!!

Marlene said...

How Cute! I love the green dress! Green is my favorite color. She sure has grown this past year.

Tracy'sspace said...

Such lovely pics, would be lovley tofreeze time wouldnt it?

Christina said...

Happy Easter my friend. Give the kiddos big hugs and kisses from all of us.

Debbie said...

Hey Love the dress!!! It is like Heidy's pink one last year!! Your kiddos are dolls!!


Kris and Mindy said...

Awww...look how much she has grown! Happy Easter guys!

Samantha said...

Happy Easter!!

Bobbi said...

Look how little she was, and so cute in those "little" ponies.

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Donna said...

Oh - she was so little. I'm researching the whole freeze time thing. I'll get back to you!

AND!! - Small world...Tiffany (of Bitsy Bows) lives in my town and we're a member of the same twim mommy does Nikki know her? Or did she find her online?

Her bows are adorable and I keep telling her the "tiny ties" part of her business needs to be "ties for little boys!" ;-)

Rachel said...

Precious pictures! Sophia looks so little in those pictures. Too sweet!

Becca said...

Last year she was all bows, this year all curls! I know what you mean... Can't we stretch our time with them?? That is why we should document every occasion with many, many pictures!!

Peace and Hugs,

Stephanie said...

Hi Lisa,
I would love to freeze time, too! Aren't kids so much fun? Your little princess is a cutie!

Thanks for stopping by my blog on Friday!
Happy Easter,

ClarkFamily said...

What great photos you have of all your beautiful children ... I love the dresses - nothing says Easter more than a little girl in a ruffly dress! Thanks for stopping by Olive Juice to say HI!

Have a great week!