Friday, March 28, 2008

Tagged~FFF Below ♥

Sophia has been tagged by Natalie and Caleb
& by Amy,Hannah & Tessa
Rules are:
Post 10 bits of random info. about your child and tag 10 others.
1. Sophia loves Brown sugar Pop Tarts.
2. Sophia has 2 Bunnies that she takes with her every where. Bun Bun and Bunny.
3.She has to have her blankets on her in a certain order when she takes a nap or goes to sleep or she gets mad.
4.Sophia has to have her bunnies and sippy cup when we get in the car to go bye byes or it's a very LONG ride.
5. Sophia loves to be dressed up, the prettier the better.
6. Sophia love to be bare footed.
7. Sophia has to sit on the counter top to take medicine. Same spot everytime.
8. Sophia can rough house with the best of them.
9. Sophia's favorite word these days is MINE.
10. Sophia loves ABBY CADABBY!
So, it's my turn to take 10 others....
1. Pam & Abby
2. Kristen & Bianca
3.Kelly & Kemry
4. Tara & Devon
5. Ruthanne & Andrew
6.Lori, Sonja & Nico
7. Donna,Austin & Logan
8. Debbie & Heidi
9.Amy & Joey
10. Bobbi,Cassie,Krista & Reese


Bobbi said...

Love the pictures.

Sophia sounds like a typical diva. My girls were always particular at that age as well. My oldest HAD to have a cup of juice and a cup of milk with her in the car, and if she didn't, it wasn't pretty.

Carrie said...

Love to learn about your little sweetheart. It is fun to think of their little "things" they do.

Amy said...

Just saw I was tagged! These are fun to read. Nice to know everyone's kids have their little "hangups"