Sunday, September 16, 2007

Crayola No Mess Markers

If you don't have the Crayola No Mess Markers...Get them!
I was saving them because I didn't think she was ready for them..
But Once I opened them, she really loved them
Even big brother Frankie got in on the action...
And I gave Frankie a ear ful about my new markers
And of course Frankie got a reward of a kiss for helping me color.


Kristen and the Gang said... sweet!! I love seeing pics of Frankie and Sophia together! It is priceless!

Home sweet home said...

LOVE the picture of her giving Frankie a earful !! Good idea on the no mess markers -- gonna have to get some !

Kelly said...

Aren't these AWESOME? When I buy them for my little guys, I cannot keep my big guys off of them! LOL I end up buying extra because the big guys would be offended if I actually bought them for them, but if they don't know I'm buying them for them it works out. Parenting...a total mind game. LOL I love the pictures of Sophia coloring. She looks like such a big girl. And Frankie helping her is SO CUTE!

MiaJ said...

Love the markers!!! The picture of Sophia kissing her brother is too cute. Are they always so sweet to eachother?