Saturday, September 15, 2007

Getting ready for Atlanta...Means SHOPPING!

Could this out fit be any cuter? She has the matching shoes too, but didn't want them on.
I think the hat is my favorite
She loves to shop just like her momma and sissy
She was in a hurry to get up and show daddy
She has this corny cheese smile and this is it. I couldn't get her to smile good for me.




Love it! Can't wait to get our girls together. Less than three weeks.

Maybe I can talk my guy into letting us do some shopping too?

Kristen and the Gang said...

OMG...that outfit is adorable but it is the little beauty in it that makes the whole outfit!!! Bianca and Sophia ....together soon!!!!! Their mommies too...hehehe!

Natalie C. said...

i am so sad i am gonna miss you..she looks darling

Christina said...

Aiden is loving his little cheetah girl and counting the days until they can play again.

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness she is going to be one serious fashionista at Guatoberfest!!!!!!! :) She is soooooo cute in her new duds! I cannot wait to see all that (especially the gorgeous girly wearing it) in person!

Ruthanne said...

that is one cute outfit and the little girl under the hat is adorable. I might have done a tiny bit of shopping this weekend also. ;)

Home sweet home said...

She looks so cute !!! I love the hat !!