Thursday, September 27, 2007

I said I never would do it, but I broke down and did it...

I broke down and bought Sophia a 2 in 1 harness. Now...
Before you all send me hate posts or emails saying it's inhumane, I too said I would never do it, but then this week came along and PRINCESSA SOPHIA has decided that she wants to be INDEPENDENT, and while I welcome her INDEPENDENCE, I don't welcome it while I am trying to get groceries and she is climbing out of the buggy or when I am in Target and people are looking at me like I am killing her because she is screaming at the top of her lungs because she wants OUT. So, I tried to do the right thing, I took her out of the cart and squatted down to her level and said in that "soft listen to mommy voice"
"PLEASE SOPHIA MOMMY WILL LET YOU OUT BUT YOU HAVE TO HOLD MOMMY'S HAND" And for the first 2 seconds she was good, until she seen the pumpkins and then she was faster then lightening gone...climbing on them while the grocery lady looked at me and said "Ma'am although she is cute, your little girl can't climb on the pumpkins" And in that not so "soft listen to mommy voice" I said, "NO KIDDING" And the lady walked away! So, off to Target we went and bought the cute little Monkey friend that is on Princessa Sophia's back. And believe it or not, she likes him!
That is my sister's lime uniform trying to take her picture with her cell phone this morning...
I bet she is thinking...humm, Why is there a Monkey on my back?
Taking him for a walk and showing Strawberry Short cake her new friend
Checking herself out in the mirror
Still not sure, but she is checking him out good....He is cute isn't he. He is a back pack too.
Not back momma, he is kinda cute
Brother had the hand strap
Maybe if I hold on to this too, they won't notice. Look at them finger prints on that mirror...whew!
Brother still holding on..

All in All, I think she likes him. For those of you going to Atlanta, my little one will be the one with the Monkey on her back=)


Kristen and the Gang said... funny!!!! I love it!!! Now they make them so cute! Lisa you can't worry about what others think...just Sophia's safety and your ear drums!!!!!! You are doing the right thing and I was telling Larry yesterday that it looks like Bianca will be getting a maybe there will be 2 kids in Atlanta with monkeys on their!!!!

Alicia said...

LOL, no flames here, we've got that exact same one! :) Thankfully Benjamin's outgrown the running away and will stay with us very nicely but I can't definitely see us using it in the future with feisty Miss Eliza!! Ya do what ya gotta do!!

(Oh, and I said I'd never put my kid on a leash too. HA HA!)

MiaJ said...

You go girl! James has the exact same one and Bella has a doggie one. I'm totally behind you. I don't care what other people think. It is a scary world and all it would take is one second for them to be gone-so safety first. James will actually bring his to me and WANT to put it on! =) Side note-Can't believe that lady in the store was so rude! Thanks for the advice about the time outs for James. I needed the encouragement.

Kelly said...

That's SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! :) Trust me, it won't be long before Kemry will have a monkey on her back. She's already getting away from me and isn't exclusively walking yet! :)

Tara said...

That is much cuter than the one we had for Logan :) I totally agree that it is better to be safe than sorry. She is PRECIOUS!! Can't wait to meet you guys in a few days!!