Thursday, September 20, 2007

Curls Curls and More Curls

I have had people ask me what Sophia looks like with all her curls down....And here it is....She does have a small elastic hair band in but as you can see, it didn't help much.
Here she is doing her new trick that Katelyn taught her....Flying

Curls Curls and More Curls
My Favorite Picture
When you get the camera out, she now stops and cheese smiles


Home sweet home said...

Her hair is to DIE For !!! She is just so beautiful !!

MiaJ said...

Those curls are SO beautiful! You better watch out when she gets older-lots of boys are going to be hanging around. Hope dad has a gun! =) She is so precious.

Natalie C. said...

I love her hair!


What a beauty! I hope that Elena's hair grows in as beautifully (right now it's just a fluff of curls all over -- mini afro)

Now I need your help -- how in the world do you post audio on your blog? I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that.

Thanks! Can you believe we actually get to meet in two weeks???

Kristen and the Gang said...

I LOVE Sophia with her hair down Her curls are amazing.You should leave her hair down more often..she is way too adorable!!! I also love her is too cute.

Alicia said...

She is just too gorgeous! Those curls are beautiful - I hope when Eliz's hair gets longer that her curls will be tame enough to wear down and loose!

Kathy said...

She is adorable! I love her curls!!!

PS - Also love your choice of music!