Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Don't you love toys you can always go back too?

Don't you love toys that kids will play with at any age? Sophia loves the farm. Katelyn loved it and Frankie too.
Look Mom, the Moooo- Cow
Every horse needs a kiss
I said "Sophia can you show me the Oink Oink? And she pushed her nose up and said OINK OINK
She was so proud and showing me the fence on her fingers
Lookie Momma, The tractor.. Had to take a break to get my sip.
Putting the farm away..
Do I really want to put it away mom?
I have to give the Momma horse a kiss too.
Ok Momma, got it back out. Going to play with the horsie some more!


Kathy said...

That is so cute! I need to get John one of those farms.

Sarah said...

ADORABLE!! I bet my Sophia would like that too... may just have to put it on the Christmas list! She is too cute!


Alicia said...

We love the farm too! You're right - it's a classic! :) Love her giving the horse some love. :)

Kelly said...

YES I love these kinds of toys! We have this set actually and it's an alltime favorite around our house still!! :) She's a doll Lisa. I love her hair pulled back like that.

Kristen and the Gang said...

OK...she is adorable with her hair pulled back as well!!! When isn't she??? And thanks for another idea for Christmas for Bianca...hehehe

MiaJ said...

That is a great toy! You never know what your kids are really going to play with a lot. Maybe I'll try the barn to my kiddos. Love the picture of her giving the horse a kiss-too cute!

Home sweet home said...

I finally have internet again -- one whole day without it feels like forever !! Sophia looks darling with her hair up like that !!!